About Mr. Jiang Ling

Mr. Jiang Ling has many years of life experience in China and North America, and is familiar with local humanities, economy, culture and law. Mr. Jiang Ling has a deep understanding of Chinese cultural traditions and is familiar with the Canadian judicial system. He has worked in two of the world’s largest international law firms in Shanghai, China, in corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate listings, overseas investments and offshore asset management in the areas of contract, business, corporate and securities law.

Mr. Jiang Ling received his JD from the Canadian Law School. After graduating, he first worked as an intern at a national Western lawyers group. After the internship, he was invited to stay as a formal lawyer. Has been engaged in civil litigation. After that, he moved to another well-known Western lawyers group in the family law litigation industry in downtown Vancouver, specializing in family law litigation. After special and rigorous professional training, Mr. Jiang Ling quickly emerged as an outstanding lawyer in court. Lawyer Jiang Ling’s lawsuits in the Western Lawyers Group are generally in the millions of Canadian dollars .

The advantage of Mr. Jiang Ling is his rigorous logic analysis and reasoning ability, coupled with his enthusiasm for work, to benefit customers. In addition, because Jiang Ling is proficient in both Chinese and English, he explained the Canadian law to make the communication clear and clear, ensuring that Chinese clients will not encounter language or cultural communication difficulties and discrimination in the case. This is crucial for all of our clients, including Chinese compatriots, to get the most out of their case.

Mr. Jiang Ling is a practicing lawyer in British Columbia and a member of the British Columbia Bar Association, the BC Lawyers Association and the Canadian Bar Association. He is also a special family law expert and regular contributor to the Fortune Weekly magazine Fortune column.

Jiangling Law Firm is mainly engaged in marriage and family agreements, divorce proceedings, civil commerce disputes, mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, commercial sales contracts, real estate transactions, immigrant visa naturalization, notarization and so on. Mr. Jiang Ling has an experienced team of immigration experts to help our Chinese people get a Canadian immigrant dream. In the area of ​​family law, Mr. Jiang Ling helps our Chinese clients deal with family property divisions including divorce, negotiation and reconciliation, BC and overseas (including China), protecting the property given by parents, overseas assets, child custody, and raising Fees and applications for guardians, divorce spousal support, premarital and separation agreements, adoption, surrogacy, domestic violence, applicants’ physical protection orders and other services.

Attorney Jiang Ling will be passionate about maximizing the legitimate rights and interests of all Chinese clients in the provincial and high courts of British Columbia.

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  • JD. Canadian Law School
  • J.D. University of Saskatchewan

Leadership, Membership & Honors

  • British Columbia Bar Association, Member
  • BC Lawyers Association, Member
  • Canadian Bar Association, Member

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