Civil Litigation


While we can all agree that people never plan to be the object of lawsuits, we once in a while are subject to situations that would force us to commence a legal claim or defend against one.  Civil litigation can be a very complex process and Jiang Law Corporation is able to guide you through all the steps required to successfully prosecute your lawsuit, being a passionate advocate for your rights and ensuring that the outcome of the lawsuit is favorable to you.

Jiang Law Corporation has experience representing booth small business and individual clients in the process of mediation, negotiations, before the Small Claims Court, before the Vancouver Provincial Court, the Supreme Court and administrative and regulatory tribunals.

In order to guarantee timely and efficient case resolution, we would usually first advice our clients to take advantage of alternatives to litigation such as mediation and negotiation but where these are not possible, we are 100% experienced to confidently fight your case in any court it is brought before,

We serve clients in the Greater Vancouver area from our Richmond office and we have staff fluent in English and Mandarin to assist you with any legal advice you may need.

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